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Digital Scrapbooking

Cast away traditional scrapbooks.No more hassle of sticking photos with glue and styling them with glitters.

Enter the world of digital scrapbooking.Create scrapbooks online with milhash.Style and share your scrapbooks to with your friends and family. Show them your creativity.

Image Filters

Improve aesthetically quality of dull images with Milhash.There are multiple filters available to enhance your photos.

Change hue,contrast,color,brightness,opacity of image.It's easy to choose and easy to change the intensity of filter effects.Make combination of filter effects to tranform your images

Different Fonts

Milhash provides great many number of fonts for your scrapbook.All fonts are compatible with all browsers

Select different fonts,their size and color,choose bold-italic style and fill your scrapbooks with your words.You can copy paste text from other websites along with their style.

Emojis And Clip-arts

Ordinary text is bland without an expression of emoji.Choose from hundreads of emojis and clip-arts.

Turn original images into a funny one or scary one by using multiple clip-arts and filters.Keep checking as we keep adding more and more emojis and clip-arts.

Multiple Wallpapers

Compare to traditional scrapbooks,digital scrapbooking allows you to select and change wallpaper as per your desire.

Milhash provides you with the collection of pre-made wallpapers.No need to keep boring white background when you can give realistic touch to your scrapbook with great wallpapers